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Recent Engagement Sessions

Not only are engagement sessions a great time, but they also act as a test-drive for your wedding photographer. Here are my recent engagement sessions in Door County, across Wisconsin, and beyond.

All Over Ephraim | Tara and Adam's Engagement Session

I’m privileged as a wedding/engagement photographer because I’m the same age as many of my couples, so it’s incredibly easy to relate with each other. Adam, Tara, and myself spent two hours together, and honestly it felt like three friends hanging out where one friend has to press buttons from time to time. We talked about everything: home ownership, running the Bix 7, our love for cats, different ways to keep cereal from getting soggy, the list goes on and on. The actual “photography” is such a small portion of my sessions, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Sturgeon Bay's Quarterdeck Marina | Scott and Heidi's Calendar Session

If you aren’t familiar with their story, Scott needed a kidney transplant in 2016, and Heidi stepped up when multiple willing people were determined not to be good donor candidates. Although Heidi’s kidney was not a match for Scott, she enrolled in the University of Wisconsin Health Transplant Kidney Exchange Program. Within a month, Scott and Heidi were matched with another couple in the same situation, and Heidi was able to donate a kidney to them in exchange for a kidney for Scott. Since their surgeries, Heidi and Scott have made full recoveries and become avid ambassadors for organ transplant. In fact, their dog Dottie isn’t named after her spots, but after the organ donation dot on their drivers’ licenses.

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Cherry Blossoms at Robertson Orchard and Door County's Crossroads at Big Creek | Danny and Victoria's 1st Anniversary

Sure the light was great, but I can’t say enough about Danny and Victoria. Danny is the trunk; he’s gentle, caring, grounded, strong, and supportive. Victoria is the leaves; she’s energetic, bright, optimistic, and full of life. In fact, I think I relate to them so much because I describe my marriage with Becky in the same way. When Danny and Victoria look at each other, their eyes twinkle like fireflies skipping across a freshly cut lawn at dusk. Maybe that’s a weird simile, you’d understand if you’d see it!

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Door County's Crossroads at Big Creek | Mini Winter Photography Sessions for Friends

If you want to by happy, give yourself permission to act like a child. Now I don’t mean immature when I say child. I mean free. No judgement, no barriers, and no restrictions. Be fearless and wear a silly outfit. Seek tickle fights. Throw snow in the air. Race back to the car. I challenge you to break from your busy life and be a child once a week.

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Door County's Crossroads at Big Creek | Libby and Alex's Winter Engagement Session

I was already excited to photograph Libby and Alex’s wedding next September at Woodwalk Gallery, but now I really can’t wait following their winter engagement session! It’s extremely important that your personalities mesh with your photographer, and I knew right away that we were going to have a blast.

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Cave Point County Park | Ben and Lauren's Authentic Proposal Session

Think about your favorite photograph of yourself. What was going on when the photograph was taken? Chances are you have an attached emotional response, and you can imagine the moment like it was yesterday. It’s not about the pose, it’s not about the precision, and it’s not about the artistic quality. Your favorite photograph brings you back to a time you never want to forget, of a real time with all of its peaks and valleys, of a time that made you feel alive.

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